Sunday, 28 December 2008

What the fuck did Phonomancer get for Christmas? (Part 1)

Don't lie to yourselves, i know it's what you've been wondering. Allow me to draw back the veil, sweep aside the curtains and wipe away the grime obscuring the great mystery that is this question.

After the little opinion piece that i decided to share and now feel terrible for (opinion pieces on the internet are morally reprehensible - expect more of them) i thought i'd post something a little more in line with the great (did i say great? I meant morally reprehensible) blogging tradition).

Gantz volume 1

That's right, i'm one those geeks that your mother warned you about! It's some manga, it's what geeks read, it's full of things like big-eyed teens of an indeterminate age being ravaged by robotic squid-monsters, and it's awesome.

This i haven't actually started yet, but it was recommended to me by the president of the now disaffiliated UCL society Comics etc. which is as close to a guarantee of a good read as you can get.

Amazon link

Microcastle by Deerhunter

This my friends, this is pure reverb-drenched, falsetto-ridden, starry-eyed awesomeness, and it's only had approximately five listens, so the hyperbole is only going to increase. Oddly enough, i felt almost complete ambivalence towards Deerhunter's first album Cryptograms, the ambient punk of Microcastle however, has me really excited.

Amazon link

Some live Deerhunter action

Phonogram: Rue Britannia

I got turned onto Phonogram (my blogspot username is a reference to the series) through a long drawn-out process beginning with the diamond in the rough of games journalism Rock Paper Shotgun.

The author, Kieron Gillen, is a writer for that site, which is worth checking out if you're a clever person who happens to like computer games. If you're a clever person who doesn't happen to like computer games (and if so, whyever not?) don't worry, Rue Britannia is all about magic and nineties britpop. Oh, and it's brilliantly written and illustrated.

Of note is that fact that Jamie McKelvie has a knack for drawing girls that look like girls i'd like to sleep with.

Amazon link

Stay tuned for part 2 of What the fuck did phonomancer get for Christmas? I'm on tenterhooks.

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