Monday, 29 December 2008

Thoughts On 'Animal Crossing: Let's Go To The City'

This is why Animal Crossing is a brilliant game:

In the basement of the town's museum, there is a coffee shop called Brewsters. Once a day (and no more than once) i can sit my adorably distended avatar down at the bar and, for the modest sum of 200 Bells (I hear Bells are strong against the pound at the moment, but then, isn't everything?) i can sample a steaming mug of the local flavour. Our surly avian barman serves the beverage and instructs me to drink up; I find i am able to choose to either let the coffee cool a little or to drink it. Being a sensible sort of fellow i decide to let it cool, only to be met by a veritable tirade of fury from the barman! I can repeat this process as many times as i want. I tire of this and decide to drink the coffee. My avatar seems exceedingly pleased.

Coffee serves no real purpose in the game; It doesn't do anything; While one can argue that all in-game activities are fundamentally pointless, this one is certainly more pointless than most.

Strangely, i feel like i've accomplished something.

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