Tuesday, 13 January 2009

The Proverbial Note-On-The-Fridge

Just a quick post to let you know that there's going to be a distinct lack of prolixity until, at earliest, Friday afternoon. This is due to various factors, not least of which my stupidity at leaving a 3000 word essay until the last possible moment, and an exam on Friday morning.

But...yeah, thought i'd check in. And by way of keeping you occupied until then:

The Animal Collective's new album is the shiz, listen to the spacey new single 'My Girls' at their myspace. It's The Animal Collective at their most concise and accessible, and this turns out to be no bad thing.

RockPaperShotgun have an excellent interview up with Edmund McMillen. Distinctive artist behind some absolutely fantastic flash-gamery. Check out his Newgrounds profile for more info. Aether and Coil are particularly special. Seriously, check them out. They're short-form games, so they'll take up half an hour of your time at most, and i found them to be both thought-provoking and aesthetically brilliant.

Oh yeah, this week i found out that the cognitive scientist and philosopher Jerry Fodor is a total badass. Even more so than Chomsky maybe. There's a great article in Meaning And Cognitive Structure (Pylyshyn, Z. and Demopoulos, W.) in which he just has it out with two of his critics, in the format of a massive bitching session. Needless to say, he put them in their place. Pow!

A choice quote:

"Fodor (In response to Newell): Because you know that the subject solves that problem, and it's your problem to model how he does it. It's his problem and he knows how to solve it but you don't."
...anyways, i have some choice content updates planned for when i'm a free man again, most notable of which is something called DIARY OF A DWARVEN FORTRESS which is going to be weekly and i'm not going to tell you anything about it!

Must not link to some music, oh crud.


  1. You should check out Michael Parenti.

  2. Fodor would easily beat Parenti in a fight, he would overpower him with his girth.