Monday, 5 January 2009

A Free Thing Is A Good Thing

Ok, so that isn't necessarily (or sufficiently) true, but it does appeal to my deeply ingrained instinct as a cheapskate.

This has been doing the rounds over the past couple of days, so forgive me if you've seen it already but Deadspace #1 is free over at Newsarama. It's a comic based on the game so it's a bit of an unknown quantity, i haven't had the chance to read it yet but the art and the colouring certainly look nice.

This also gives me the oppurtunity to plug Phonogram, one of my favourite comics of recent years. Phonogram: Rue Britannia #1 is free over at Image's website and there's also a preview of Phonogram: The Singles Club, which is in the middle of a wildly successful run, at the moment. It would take a while for me to extol the virtues of this particular series, and i'd prefer to devote a whole post to that topic. Just stop reading this and go and bloody read them instead.

Free comics are especially good when the cost of comics is apparently rising due to the weakening of the pound against the dollar. Is nothing sacred?

In Real Life news, i have a huge essay due in next Friday which i have yet to start. I moved back to the halls on the 3rd (a week early) in the hope that the isolation would spur me such luck, unfortunately. The essay is worth a fifth of the entire year, so suffice to say that i will be wracked with guilt until such time as i can bring myself to put my head down. Idiot.

Since free comics (and underlying that, procrastination) seems to be the major theme of this post, i leave you with news that the comics on are hilarious. For a web comic anyway. They're even moderately well drawn! Shock horror and all that. This is no Ctrl Alt Del.

The archives are well worth clicking through, if you have twenty minutes to kill.

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