Friday, 13 March 2009

A Diamond In The Recycling Bin

Sorry about that awful attempt at a pun.

While digging around in the convoluted mess that is my hard-drive, (which i like to think is a fair representation of the state my mind is in) i unearthed a long-abandoned composition.

It's an odd little thing, and i think the reason i ceased working on it was because i could never end it properly. Oh, and i could never write decent vocals to go with it.

The production is a little shoddy - Lot's of guitar related squeaks, but i think it has its own charm.

This also reminds me that i used to be able to play the keyboard...those were the days.

I've included the main piece (statuekeys3) and the earlier acoustic sketch that inspired it (statueearly)...i hope the embedding works, comment and let me know if it doesn't.

EDIT: I tried, and evidently failed to embed the music in the post. It can be found here.

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