Friday, 20 February 2009

Music, music, all that music

I guess i've neglected this blog for long enough now; It's been, what, several weeks since the last post? Don't expect an explicit apology, but by way of apology, expect lots of hyperlinked-goodness.

Let's start with music, music, all that music.

There seems to be a bit of a dry-spell at the moment where music is that i like at the very least. The Brits made for painful viewing for me, i had personal favourites for every single category and not once did they win. Duffy over M.I.A., Kings Of Leon over Fleet Foxes , it's an absolute bloody disgrace. Who decides these things anyway?

I have, however, had the pleasure of listening to two rather lovely tracks recently, namely Glass by Bat For Lashes and You Are The Blood by Sufjan Stevens (the latter is a Castanets cover, the former makes me very excited for Bat For Lashes' new album).

I was introducted to by a friend recently, and it is the worst thing they could have possibly infliced upon me. It feeds my most obsessive-compulsive tendencies, and acts as a tool allowing me to force my musical tastes upon others in a most violent fashion.

That's all for now, i have a sudden desire to unite every Canadian artist in my library under a 'Canadian' tag.

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